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Introduction Post

Hi there, welcome to my journal. Feel free to browse around.
Please drop a comment if you want to be added.

~ Fanfic Index ~

Name: Ai
Interests: Hey!Say!JUMP, Sexy Zone, Johnny's Juniors
Loves: Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke
Likes: Kikuchi Fuma, Nakajima Kento, Kyomoto Taiga, Lewis Jesse, Matsumura Hokuto, Tanaka Juri, Yasui Kentaro, Iwahashi Genki, Jinguji Yuta, Nakamura Reia
Ships: Yutoyama, Fumaken, Hokkusse, Jiguiwa
Notes: I'm biased towards the pairings I ship. I don't add blank journals, please introduce yourself for add backs. Fics are friends locked at my leisure.

nice to meet you ^_^
it is Tun from Vietnam, 22

hi there tun :) i'm ai, added you back~

hi... ^^

Irma desu... Indonesia ^^

I like your fanfics... Nice to meet you ^^

hi irma, i'm ai :) nice to meet you <3
i'm glad you liked them! added back~

Hello Nice to meet you ^_^
I'm Ying from Thailand.
YutoYama daisuki ❤ ❤

hi ying! i'm ai, nice to meet you :D
i'm glad to be friend with yutoyama lover <3 added you back~

Hi, ai~!! <3
reika-desu. from philippines.
nice to meet you~ :D
your fanfics... so fluffy...! >////

hi, sorry for the late reply ^^
i've added you back :)

Hello, Ai~!! Nice to meet you! :D
Mariko here, from Philippines.
I hope we can be friends. ^^v

hi mariko~ ^^ i see you finally made your own account! :D
of course~ let's get along <3 i've added you back :)

I'm Bri, from Singapore
nice to meet you~!

I really like your fics by the way!
your writing style is really, really nice :>

hi there, nice to meet you bri :D

d'aww thank you (>//<) i've added you back~ ^w^

Hi :D
Hoba-chan desu from US
I'm new in fanfics but I've been a JE fan since 4 years
I like ur fanfics they're really good <3
Yoroshiku ne ;D

hi hoba-chan, i've added you back :) nice to meet you
thank you for reading my fics~ ^^

Hi ^^
I've added you (can I?).
I'm Jana from Malaysia. I love your YutoYama fanfics ;)

Yoroshiku ne~

of course you can ^^ nice to meet you jana~
i've added you back :) thank you for reading my fics <3

Nice to meet you~ I'm Cami from Chile! :D

I love YamaJima too :3 I also love your fanfics <3

hope we can be friends! :D

hi cami, nice to meet you too :)

thank you for reading my fics <3

of course! i've added you back~ ^^

konnichiwa~~! hajimemashite~~! new yamajima's shipper here~~! first, I was really confuse... which couple do I like? YamaJima or AriYama? it turns out to be YamaJima or to be exact, Nakajima topped Yama-chan ^^

anyway, I found your journal through YamaJima community, but then, some of your fics are locked....... so, can you add me back? I would LOVE to read your fanfics =D

oh, by the way, I'm Malaysian ^^

hi, welcome to yutoyama/yamajima fandom~ :D
i think you choosed the right otp XD we calls it yutoyama now since yuto tops yama-chan

smut/NC fics are friends locked as i stated in my entry ^^
sure, i've added you back :)

Ohmy. I have been following your journal for so long that I am quite surprised that I haven't asked to be added yet. XDDD

I'm Hikari, and I'm from the Philippines. :3 Nice to meet you! I really like the way you write fics. <3

really? :)) i've added you back :D

nice to meet you, hikari~ ^^ thank you for reading my fics <3

(Deleted comment)
nice to meet you gold ^^ i've added you back

mind to tell more about yourself? so at least i can know if we have something in common :) mutual likes~

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
doumo, Sora desu. I love your fanfics and I've added your journal for about months ago, but I barely online on the PC and my mobile phone somehow always error when I want to leave a comment here. :(
Yoroshiku ne.. ^^

hi there, sorry i don't add blank/non-active journals ;^^;

Hi :))
Fheb desu, Philippines :))
Hope we can be friends~
I 'm in need of more Yamajima shipper friends XDD
Yoroshiku~ <3

hi fheb-chan ^^ i've seen you around~ :))
of course <3 yay for fellow yutoyama shipper XD i've added you back~

aha hello....I think I should introduce myself here right??
here I goes again.. my name is reina..

I really love ur yutoyama fiction...I hope we can get along well...
I not very good at english.. >///<

hope u can add me back uhuhuuu~~ jaa.. ^^

lol~ nice to meet you reina ^^

thank you for reading my fics! i've added you back :D

hello~ hajimemashite, sofie desu~ 20 years old, from Indonesia, and a huge YamaJima/YutoYama shipper too :3
I really love your fanfics, wanna read more~ can we be friends ? <3

hello sofie~ nice to meet you :)
sure, i've added you back <3

Hi! I'm Jenny, ryutaroll from twitter =)) I thought I added you here before.. but I obviously didn't ;A; we share the precious OTP Yutoyama, Chiitaro and Fumaken <3333

hi jenny :)) sure~! XD i've added you back <333

Seshiru desu, Indoneshia kara.
I love your fanfics, but I realized that you seldom post it to communities.. so I want to list you as my friend.
Yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu m(_ _)m

hi there seshiru~ ^^ sorry for that

i've added you back :)

hai! ai-chan!

i had add you..i hope you don't mind you add me back ne~

i am eka, btw, from indonesia, in bali exactly. i am 21 yo..being fandom since last year..
my ichiban is yamada ryosuke, and i am YutoYama shipper too ^_^

hope we can be friend ne~

yoroshiku! :D

hi eka~ ^^ sure, i've added you back

Edisz desu~ :D the one who added ou using jena17's account :) Hope you'll add me back :D

should i add this account of yours instead? (since the other one is your friend's right) ^^ sure, i've added you back

Hi Ai! :D Idk if you still remember me tho. This is Sab/insaneeuphoriiia/lovepyyung. I think we've talked several times before ^^

I loooooooove reading your fics ;a; Mind if you add me back? Thanks :-*

hi! i do still remember you (tho i forgot your name and have to read your profile (^o^;)

sure, i've added you back :D

hi~ I'm hannah~ ^^,
I just started liking YamaJima~
I wanted to read more fanfics about them~
hopefully, you'll grant me access of your
fics~~~ xD

yoroshiku~!!! ^^,v

hi hannah~ ^^
yutoyama looks adorable together right? <3
sure, i've added you back :D


Hi Aichan :)
I drop by your lj many times :D, but I always forgot adding u as friend :)
I'm Sky, love Yuto and YutoYama :)
Hope we can make friend :)
With love :)

hi sky-chan ^^
sure, let's be friends <3

Doomo, Ai-chan. Amachin desu ^^
I'm one of those whom ship YutoYama a lot. Though I don't really being active in blog nowadays but I found myself being interested in your fanfiction lately. If you please, let's become friends and share YutoYama love together >.

sure, i've added you back :D

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ I'm Ryofin ^^
I love your fanfics~ can we be friends ?
once again nice to meet you ^^

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hi ryofin, sure~ i've added you back :)


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